Green Power


People are becoming more environmentally aware every day, and there are may motivators for this. It helps the environment, it saves money and the results can be very attractive.

With regards to electricity there are innovations happening all the time to help you to save money, and the planet.

What Can YOU Do?

We are knowledgeable across all more environmentally friendly innovations and can provide advice and guidance on anything in this respect.

The most important thing to remember is that ‘energy saving lightbulbs’ are not your only option. Your solutions do not have to leave you in the dark!



  • LED, Halogen Incandescent and Compact Fluorescent bulbs are all much better for the environment and have a number of uses throughout the home. These bulbs are bright and give a smart finish meaning there is no compromise on performance or aesthetic.
  • Installing motion detectors can seem extreme, but they are a simple and practical use to ensure you don’t unnecessarily burn through your electricity. If a room doesn’t see movement, the light goes off. This is so simple, but can save significant energy and money.
An Example Of LED Lighting